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Sexy SkirtsSexy Skirts - Sexy is something that everyone sees differently, but hopefully the sexy skirts featured here you'll also find sexy. We cover:- sexy micro skirts, sexy short skirts, sexy mini skirts & sexy pencil, plaid and black skirts.

Short pleated skirts make a great party outfit and are available in a wide range of styles and materials such as denim, leather and plaid. Click the links to purchase the featured sexy pleated skirts.

The pleated skirt has long been considered a sexy look. Alot of this is down to its association with school girl uniforms and sexy pleated skirts are often worn to fancy dress parties as part of a naughty school girl outfit. They are also popular with clubbers and girls wearing pleated mini skirts are a common sight on nightclub dancefloors. The sexy pleated skirts featured on this page can be purchased from online retailers by clicking the relevant link.

Pleated Cheerleader Skirt

Pleated cheerleader skirt (Click to enlarge)
Pleated cheerleader skirt
Price: $36.99
Ships to: Worldwide
Buy online here

These sexy pleated skirts sit low on the hips, have pleats all the way around and also feature a back zipper. They are available in black, white, red and light pink and are made of a stretch fabric, so they fit perfectly. Perfect for club wear or perhaps a school girl costume. Made in the USA from 97% cotton, 3% spandex. Sizing info: S/M - Waist will fit 31" - 35". Length is 9.5". M/L - Waist will fit 32.5" - 36.5". Length is 9.5"

All prices quoted on this page are indicative US prices at December 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

La La Lingerie - The pleated cheerleader skirt featured on this page can be bought online from this website. Ships worldwide.

Flirty Lingerie - The featured pleated denim mini skirt can be purchased online from this website. Ships worldwide.

OD Girl - The pleated leather mini skirt is available to buy online from this website. Ships worldwide.

Pleated Denim Mini Skirt

Pleated denim mini skirt (Click to enlarge)
Pleated denim mini skirt
Price: $32.99
Ships to: Worldwide
Buy online here

A pleated jean skirt that has a school girl inspired look with a casual appeal. These sexy pleated skirts feature side buttons and waistband. Skirt is 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex. Comes in blue denim only. Available sizes: Small, Medium & Large.

Pleated Leather Mini Skirt

Pleated leather mini skirt (Click to enlarge)
Pleated leather mini skirt
Price: $99.00
Ships to: Worldwide
Buy online here

This black pleated mini-skirt is made of the finest Italian lamb leather. Once you experience the feel of this luxurious leather, you'll want nothing less against your skin. Comes in black leather only. Sizes available: Small, Medium & Large.

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